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As a community-led charity (registered charity no. 295857), the Limehouse Project is only able to carry out its many works thanks to the support and generosity of countless individuals, funders, local partners, and businesses, all of whom continue to believe in our efforts.

So, whether you have a little time spare, are eager to share your expertise, have a great idea for a new community project, or simply want to have some fun raising much needed pounds, look no further! And we, in turn, will do what we can to provide you with new skills and great new experiences to help make you feel as valued and as appreciated as you deserve!

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Employment Opportunities

We are looking for those who have the desire to get behind our aims and mission and the passion to make it a reality. For our dynamic staff, working at the Limehouse Project is more than just a job; it is a conscious decision to get involved in real and often difficult situations, knowing that each and every action undertaken makes a real difference to the lives of some of country’s most vulnerable individuals and families.

We value diversity and look to recruit people with unique skill sets and experience. If you are up for the challenge, we would love to hear from you!

Application Pack (where required):

Please download and complete the following documents and send to

2019-2020 Annual Report & Accounts.

Money & Debt Advisor Recruitment Pack Dec 21

Money and Debt Caseworker Recruitment Pack Dec 21

LHP Personal Details Form

LHP Application Form

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Form

Guidance Notes

Limehouse Project Candidate Privacy Policy

Limehouse Project is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

Job Vacancies x2

Position 1:  

Role:         Money & Debt Advisor

Hours:      Full time 

Salary:      £29,000 per annum Including London Weighting

Position 2:

Role:        Money & Debt Caseworker (full time, Fixed Term Contract)

Hours:      Full time 

Salary:       £33,000 per annum Including London Weighting

About Us

Limehouse Project (LHP) is a registered charity that provides free, confidential advice and support to residents living in Tower Hamlets. LHP has a long-standing partnership with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and other stakeholders and works closely together to support residents. Our support is wide-ranging and includes Information, Advice & Support in Welfare Benefits, Housing, Debt and Immigration. We also offer support to Access Employment & Health and Wellbeing Services. To ensure we meet the real needs of our clients, we also make referrals to our partners and other supportive services within the community.

About The Roles.

LHP looking to appoint an experienced Money & Debt Advisor and an experienced Money & Debt Caseworker. If you want to join a friendly, compassionate and hugely dedicated team, Limehouse Project is the place.

  • You will need to be compassionate, empathetic, sensitive with excellent listening skills to capture the needs and issues of the clients.
  • You must have great people skills
  • Ability to handle difficult telephone conversations
  • Good numerical and analytical skills
  • Confident and able to react quickly
  • Well organised, a process-driven individual who can work independently as well as part of a team.

Position 1:  

Role:         Money & Debt Advisor

Hours:       35 hours (full time)

Contract:  Fixed Term Contract until 31st March 2023

Salary:      £29,000 per annum Including London Weighting

Description: We are looking to appoint an experienced Money & Debt Advisor who will provide high-quality debt and money advice to our clients. We are looking for someone who will commit to the aims and values of LHP and the provision of high-quality advice and support services for our clients to empower them towards financial independence. You will work with clients to identify their actual needs and offer support on debt and money management. You will also be responsible for making referrals to the relevant service(s) and recording actions you’ve made on our database.

Application deadline: Monday 10th January 2022 at 9:00 am


Position 2:  

Role:        Money & Debt Caseworker

Hours:     35 hours Full time 

Contract:  Fixed Term Contract until 31st March 2023

Salary:       £33,000 per annum Including London Weighting

Description: We are looking to appoint an experienced Money & Debt Caseworker with excellent skills at the casework level who will provide high-quality debt and money advice to our clients. We are looking for someone who will commit to the aims and values of LHP and the provision of high-quality advice and support services for our clients to empower them towards financial independence. To keep personal technical and legislative knowledge up-to-date and to provide technical support to advisers and caseworkers.

Application deadline: Monday 10th January 2022 at 9:00 am

Enclosed are as follows:

  • Job description & Person specification
  • Application Form
  • Guidance Notes on completing the Application Form
  • Limehouse Project Recruitment Monitoring Form
  • Annual Report to give you some background information about Limehouse Project

If you would like an informal chat about the role, contact Tahmina Rahman, Advice Services Manager/Casework Supervisor on 0207 538 0075 /Email:  

Please send the completed application form along with a covering letter addressed to Farida Yesmin, to;  

We look forward to receiving your completed application.  (all requested documents to the left).

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Volunteering Opportunities

Hundreds of volunteers have dedicated their time, energy and expertise to improving the lives of thousands of local people and families who, whether due to poverty, social marginalisation or racial discrimination, often find themselves unable to access the help, support and guidance they need. The Limehouse Project was founded by three inspirational volunteers, so it is only fitting that volunteers continue to lie at the very heart of all we do.

So whether you have just a few short hours to spare or are willing to donate whole days, weeks and even months to the service of your local community, we would love your assistance. Please scroll to the section below to see some of the ways in which we could use your help.

How You Can Help

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Help Raise Funds

Fundraising groups are essential to the Limehouse Project: not only do our fundraisers directly raise money for much needed projects for disadvantaged young people, the elderly, and educational opportunities for women, they also raise awareness of who we are, why we exist, and what we do, whilst simultaneously enabling us to expand our networks and reach out to more people in need of our help.

It’s easy to set up your own fundraising group on behalf of the Limehouse Project, and the time commitment is simply dependent on how much spare time you have and how much of that time you want to give. It could be as simple as getting together with your friends or colleagues, and turning what you already do into a fundraising opportunity – such as turning group lunches into a lunchtime book club, embarking upon sponsored sports activities, hosting fundraising dinners or coffee mornings, organising neighbourhood bake sales or having a monthly quiz night.

Or, if you have less time (and energy!) to organise events of your own, why not attend one of our many fundraising events held during the course of the year? We do all the hard work, and you have all the fun while helping us raise a little money in the process. What could be easier?

However and whatever you decide to do, we will provide you with all the information and support you need to help you begin your own fundraising efforts. And what’s more, to thank you for your efforts, we will keep you up to date with how your money is being spent, and on whom it is being spent.

If you are interested in launching your own fundraising activities on behalf of the Limehouse Project, or would like further information on the programmes we are currently delivering and which require urgent support, please contact Farida Yesmin at

Give Us Your Views

One of the most important resources the Limehouse Project has to hand, is the people that help make us what we are. It is only by listening to local people, local partners, our staff and our volunteers, that we understand not only the greatest needs and challenges being faced by minority communities today, but what actions need to be taken in order to help people overcome those challenges and meet those needs.

If you are aware of an unmet need felt by a particular group of your local community living in or around the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and have an idea for a community project which may assist them, please do not hesitate to contact us. Whilst our resources will unfortunately not permit us to realise or assist with all the fantastic ideas that come our way, we will aim to help you raise awareness of the difficulties being faced, and undertake what works we can with local partners to address the issues at hand.

If you would like to share an idea as to how we could help local people, please click here.

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Corporate Donation

The Limehouse Project has a long and successful history of working with businesses both large and small for the greater benefit of our local communities. From linking local shops and businesses with schools and colleges to working with Tesco’s Body Shop and Carrillion to help people into employment, we understand the very important role companies of all sizes play in strengthening and inspiring their surrounding societies. If you work on behalf of a company and are looking to reach out to grassroots organisations, here are just some of the ways in which you can help us…

1. Make us your “Local charity of choice” for a year

Highlight your company’s commitment to both your staff and its corporate social responsibilities by making the Limehouse Project your very own local charity of choice for a year. By nominating a charity of the year, you will not only generate positive PR opportunities, help build staff morale and encourage greater team building, but you will also have the unique opportunity of better understanding the communities upon which your future successes may lie.

2. Match fund one of our schemes

Help us to launch much needed programmes for a cause of your choice. From new sports programmes for girls or our luncheon club for the elderly, to new advice services for young victims of family breakdown or bullying, we have a wide range of projects which need that little extra boost to really take off.

3. Sponsor an event or a project

As well as fundraising or recreational events, the Limehouse Project also hosts a number of networking and discussion events for local and national partners and providers. Your support would help us to expand the scale of our events and enable us to raise more funds or reach out to more people in need of our help.

4. Lend us your expertise

Support need not come in the form of a cheque – if you have financial, legal, IT or programme development experts within your organisation who would like to assist us, we would heartily welcome their contributions of time and knowledge to help keep us abreast of the latest developments.

5. Make a company donation

Your company can help make a difference to families across Tower Hamlets by nominating the Limehouse Project as a recipient of a one-off donation. We are more than happy to ensure donations are invested into projects in which your company has a particular interest (such as sports, assisting young people or empowering marginalised women).

For more information about our corporate donation schemes, please contact: Farida Yesmin on