Community Development

Our community development programming includes Luncheon Club (for people 50+ only) and a group called Fit4Life (for women of all ages), which aims to help people achieve healthier lifestyles.

Luncheon Club (ages 50+)

The 50+ Luncheon Club project provides healthy lunch service for the local people ages 50+, with an aim to reduce isolation, practical and emotional support.

People ages 50+ are invited to attend our Luncheon Club, to have lunch, meet people and join in a variety of activities including: Exercise, healthy eating, crafts, knitting, health and faith speakers, board games, parties, basic IT (computers) outings and information and advice.

Each Luncheon Club session provides different activities on different days. You will need to check with the one of your team members to see if the activities you are interested in are provided at that specific Luncheon Club, as we deliver our sessions from two different sites.

More Details and How to Join

For more information or to join you can email our team members directly or just walk in. For more details on locations, please click here (link opens in new tab).

  • Monday – 12pm to 3pm, Harford Street Multi Centre
  • Wednesday – 12pm to 3pm, Locksley Community Centre (Dora Hall)

Luncheon Club Leaflet

Fit4Life (all ages)

The Fit4Life programme is designed to provide assistance to Tower Hamlets residents who would like support managing their weight and associated long-term health conditions. The project aims to help individuals take back control of their health, build confidence and achieve their goals for a healthier life.

Fit4Life focuses on the following tenets of living healthily:

  • Healthy eating – helping you develop eating habits for a healthier life
  • Physical activity – specially designed programmes to make activity safe and fun (Zumba)
  • Weight management – personalised action plan to achieve your weight goals which is regularly monitored by trainer and project officers
  • Motivational support – working alongside you to help make changes

An initial 6 months programme includes a variety of classes, learning and activities. Support is provided for a full year to help you achieve your goals.

More Details and How to Join

Contact your Tower Hamlets GP surgery and ask for a referral to the Fit4Life programme at Limehouse Project. Your health care professional will do a health assessment before referring relevant patients to the service. If you want to contact us directly, and then please take medical advice before referral is made, the Fit 4 Life team will make contact to set up your first meeting.

For more details on locations, please click here (link opens in new tab).

  • Tuesday – 10am to 11.30pm, Locksley Community Centre (Dora Hall)
  • Wednesday – 10.30am to 12pm, Harford Street Multi Centre
  • Friday – 10am to 11.30pm, Locksley Community Centre (Dora Hall)

Fit4Life - Fitness Club flyer