Sanctions and No Income, What can I do?

As claiming gets stricter so do the rise of sanctions being imposed by the DWP. The expected co-operation for those who seek work and the regime of sanctions may not be working for everyone.   Some people may be left destitute and pushed towards food banks and other measures to survive.  Your ESA/JSA/UC can be reduced if you do not attend interviews or worked related activities.  You will get sanction letters and the reductions imposed can be for up to 4 weeks, sometimes longer.  If you do have good reason please speaks to your DWP officer.

More and more people fall foul of this rule and it is affecting some of the most vulnerable in society who may not be necessary equipped to deal with work related activities.   There is evidence that sanctions are falling onto hard working low waged people.

Some tips to consider if you are sanctioned; Do ask for the decision to be looked at again and ask for a hardship fund if income is impacted.  Please make sure you inform the Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction so they do not stop your rent and council tax payments.

The Limehouse Project can deal with those issues for you and if you have a good enough reason to challenge a sanction, and will help you through that process.