Learner Story of the Month: June 2018

Name: Ms A

Project Participated: Childcare Plus Project / Advice Services / BESN Energy Project

Dates: Sep 2015– Dec 2017


Ms A is a single mum of one daughter, with a face painting and balloon modelling business. Most of her work is during weekend and school holidays so she normally takes her daughter with her to the booking. As her daughter was soon to start school, she wanted to explore opportunities where she could work in the future during school hours especially as baby sitting is not cheap. It also means she could spend time with her daughter rather than just working when her daughter is not in school.

At one point Ms A was signing on at the job centre but she felt put down because she had ‘no qualification, no UK work experience’, and therefore pushed into working somewhere she didn’t want to work for free which did not lead to paid work. She was adamant not to go on benefits or end up at the job centre again.

Journey with Limehouse Project:

Ms A found a leaflet about the project at her local children centre. She was keen to work with children for some time, and so she got in touch and did the assessment with our partner in Bethnal Green and successfully passed. She joined the programme and started both the Capacity Building course and Level 2 Childcare course in September 2015.

Ms A found the Capacity Building course interesting and helpful. The tutor explained the content very well, and the group was very good and supportive. It helped build her confidence, as English is not her first language, aided by the method of teaching, through group work and building relations with the other learners. She really enjoyed the role play elements where they supported each other to complete the task.

The childcare course helped her not only professionally but in her personal life, with her daughter. She ‘learnt good tips, to treat her [daughter] better and get her to listen without shouting’. She heard from other parents on the course who were, for example, a mother of 3 and they too learnt from the course that they can apply at home with their children. The client also learned how to speak to parents about their child, what to say and what not to say as well as understanding rules that are different from her home country such as getting permission before taking pictures.

She also learned about things she would not have thought about such as allergies. Sharing is normal for her to do but now is aware that someone may have allergies that can be very dangerous, so again to ensure she checks with the parents what food they are allowed to eat. Also the importance of values such as being respectful and not being selfish.

Ms A appreciated that the course was fully funded because otherwise she would not been able to do it. Also having staff members that are available to listen and help whenever needed such as the tutor who ‘was very patient and supportive, even if I asked the same question 3 times’. This motivated her to keep going and not give up.

The staff at Limehouse Project also helped with her business, creating her website, introducing her to Mailchimp and keeping her informed about job vacancies. Also she was happy to learn there was an advice service available that she was able to access.

Outcome and Progression:

The client successfully completed her CACHE Level 2 qualification in Early Years Education and Care (QCF).

Ms A felt the project benefitted her a lot in terms of ‘confidence building, improving my confidence, becoming more self aware about how I come across and how to behave with others’.

Her business is currently doing very well, and she is getting customers through her website and through Facebook. She was also able to access the advice service for issues with her council tax and get advice on becoming more energy efficient.

Ms A is also satisfied to know, should she end up going to the job centre, she has a qualification in a field she would enjoy working as well as experience so she does not have to do free work in role she hates.


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