International Women’s Day Celebration 2016

The Limehouse Project marked the ‘International Women’s Day 2016 by celebrations through a day on 11th March 2016 of storytelling and sharing between ‘housewives’ of BAME and Bangladeshi heritage with little or no spoken English language skills who have, as a result of showing courage and determination when joining our capacity building programmes, to realise transferable skills in caring and catering by gain employment as statutory transport assistants, childminders in community crèches and as cooks and caterers in health services.

While recognising individuals achievements and encouraging newcomers to learn from role models for change, at this year event we have invited many local women who have successfully completed our training programme and at the event they have share their success stories with other local women.

Limehouse Project’s mult-lingual Employment Advisers was there and offered new attendees one-to-one practical advice on steps they can undertake to begin moving into their preferred fields of training, study or work.