Energy Bills too High?

Lot of clients find themselves paying more than they should for their energy bills. Interestingly clients usually assume they are paying the normal market rate for energy and usually stick to the big six energy companies assuming they are safe.  Due to lack of knowledge on tariffs and energy efficiency – they pay more than they should.  Debts add up and thhey then seek advice at the Limehouse Project.

We are able to identify if they fall into fuel poverty, and pay more for their energy then they should. We advise on switching providers for cheaper tariffs, recommend different payment methods and apply for discount schemes that they may be eligible for.  90% of our clients have made positive savings on energy by up to £300 a year.

Our educational workshops explain the rights on switching providers, the processes and the energy saving measures and the benefits they can achieve by switching.  Come and visit our Energy Champions soon to see how much you can save.