Brand New Headquarters for The Limehouse Project

The past few years has proven to be been one of the most eventful, exciting and demanding periods for the Limehouse Project (LHP) and its team. Following the removal of our services twice to different locations in the adjoining Limehouse areas, it was not until September 2013 that we were finally able to relocate to our newly purchased, newly developed and very first permanent home. Our brand new centre, fitted out to the highest standards, has proven worth the wait: uplifting the spirits, upon arrival, of staff and clients alike.

Our new centre, located on St. Anne Street directly off Commercial Road, is a highly visible and centrally located site: a fact which has led to a marked increase in footfall and direct first contacts. Not only has it served to establish our presence in the area, but the purchasing of this property and our subsequent relocation has enabled LHP to propel itself into becoming an organisation that is more financially independent and therefore more sustainable than ever before.

If you are interested in hiring out the classroom please contact us.